Tuesday, 27 June 2017


The photo below is of MS13 gang members who raped, kidnapped, tortured and killed girls in a satanic sacrifice ritual. The girls were tortured for weeks. So some Americans are upset, especially as this kind of thing has been going of for decades. 10,000-50,000 MS 13 members have invaded the US and are being fed and helped by American citizens. That's right, and if the feds want to take these guys in for questioning, well, there NYC Police Chief James O'Neill to the rescue, along with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio - who helped an MS 13 member get away. The next day, an MS 13 member raped a 2 year old, sliced upon a woman's lung and then sliced upon another woman's lung.
The child raping lung slicer will quite likely do a little time, get deported, then come back to continue with the help of many Americans. On your knees, BITCH, Chief O'Neill and Mayor de Blasio and the Brentwood population is kicking your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helping MS 13 is what some people in the US are about. This 4th of July, they plan a SURRENDER CEREMONY in Brentwood, Long Island. Just to make their point, MS 13 members will be eating well, fed by local residents. BBQ and beer for rapists. That is the new cool in Brentwood. If girls complain about bullying in school by gang members, they get ignored by the cool pols and cops who are helping America to bend over. 

MS 13 has  been helped by local residents for years, and so anyone trying to get them to stop feeding the ANIMALS will be treated with scorn, blocked and delayed. There is a group of former servicemen led by a Navy guy named Ken Gibson who is getting in the way MS 13 and all the Americans who love MS 13. They are starting a project to put pressure on the local communities so as to cut off all supplies, including hammers, crowbars, knives, baseball bats, and food - an army marches on its stomach, so Gibson is hoping to thwart the invasion of MS 13. 

You can stop Gibson this summer! The 4th of July can be SURRENDER DAY and every day thereafter now as Americans rise up and FEED MS 13 in every town where MS 13 has planted their flag. 

How? Just do nothing. Or berate those who are working on this. What with the support of the NYC Police Chief, and Suffolk County cops who give information to MS 13 to help it operate, the US has lost! 

MS 13 has called on cowards and perverts in every state, and has help even from the press, some of which is acting snooty towards the Americans who do NOT surrender, as if their efforts are a joke. Just a joke. Try to get other people to starve out MS 13 and you are boring! Exciting, hip, trendy people who read the right newspapers will do nothing or SUPPORT MS 13 this 4th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if are not a cool, hip, elitist jackass and you WANT to help some uncool people kick MS 13 out of the US, get in touch with them at USvsMS13@gmail.com  

Until enough people do that, MS 13 is recruiting YOUR CHILD for its child porno ring on facebook and in schools. They are making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and can come off as COOL! 
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Adam Price company Homer and its Bike Messengers who beat on New Yorkers at Hells Kitchen Market

For many Mark of the Mask supporters, the work of Samuel Freedman in the press is annoying. He whines about the death of Jill Tarlov and Irving Shachter, and the fact that he was a victim of a NYC cyclist.
Jason Marshall, who killed Jill Tarlov, has to put up with this? And have journalists from the UK photograph him as he runs through red lights in Harlem?
Enough already. The Ski Mask Society is fully behind these guys and those who point out that people like Jill are expendible; as Jason said, 'da bitch got in da way'.
Getting in the way of cyclists is a problem. And this weekend we are proud to say that this problem was addressed by a group of young men in the SMS Youth Party who faced down the security guards, dealers and customers at the Hells Kitchen Market.
All Saints' Day it was, but the SMS Youth Party does not pretend to be angels. Proud to be winged messengers of death, they have already decided that the 'closed to vehicular traffic' and 'get off your bike and walk' signs on 9th Avenue &  39th Street are for moronic, law abiding citizens.
And what do moronic, law abiding citizens get? First, a warning; then, a kicking.
And we are proud to say that Darrin Jennings of the Bronx, who works for the messenger of death speedy delivery company called Homer, rounded up the troops and went into action after being told by one the dealers at the market that he could not ride his bike among the pedestrians. Well, %&*$ THAT!
Daren pretended to dismount when confronted, but kept getting back on, as is the custom with the SMS Youth Party members who ride for Homer. They have been sending a message for months to the flea market that they ARE NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.
But there are always a few who don't get the message. They think the law is on their side. So what.
Daren cursed them out and told one elderly woman dealer she was an ugly bitch. And, for the man who was continuing to tell him that there have been incidents with Homer riders racing through 39th Street when it is closed to traffic, he had more than words. He told this guy he was coming back to *!#(@ him up, and is proud to be on video saying that. The SMS Youth Party is striking a chord here and we are proud. Heil Homer!
That might have sufficed for many a punk crack head in Gotham, but Daren is a cut above - as are his comrades who accompanied him from the Homer HQ in the Gotham Mini Storage facility. They came back to confront the dealer, and managed to assault first his customer, and then the dealer. They intended to do more but for some stupid reason the other dealers, customers and security took sides with the victims and escorted them out of the market.
Good job to the angry young men,  I do think they made a point and now the flea market dealers and their customers will shut the *@# up. As will the Gothamites who whine in the press about bicycle messengers.
Word of wisdom: when you see the bright yellow jacket of the Homer dudes, with their big black boxes coming to a street near you, make sure you get the *@^# out of the way and don't end up in the box.
Get the message?

P.S. This is an ongoing story, and as anyone must realise, this is a satirical site. However, it is a factual site - and as more facts emerge about this, they will be added to comments rather than creating a new post which would displace this first one.
Currently the CEO, Adam Price, and the president of Homer Logistics, Dinis Passarinho, are trying like mad to come up with a defence. Mostly it is ridiculous, like trying to pretend that their young men are being pushed off bikes by elderly dealers. The more they whine they just look stupid and criminal.

UPDATE:  Adam Price, CEO of Homer, called Alan Boss, the proprietor of Hells Kitchen Market, to tell him that Homer was posting a guard at the entrance to the market. Alan then spoke to the dealer who was assaulted, who, in turn, came by on Saturday to see if Homer was keeping its word. No surprise therefore that Alan Boss got a call  asking if he wanted to talk to other dealers who were witnessing more bike messengers riding by and refusing to dismount. No guard. The dealers were laughing at it in disgust. Adam Price is looking more and more like a hapless liar.
What with such a bad situation, the market is set to lose its stamps and coin dealers, whose presence added much to the street. It was NYC's only outdoor stamps market, save for some amount of philatelic offerings on the tables of dealers at the Chelsea Market on 25th St. Hopefully they will be back in the Spring in time for the Jacob Javits Stamps Show. Homer may well be out of business by then, or the city will see the light and send its own guards to keep the 350,-000 or more expected visitors out of harm's way when they walk from their midtown hotels to the event.

HOMER SPONSORS: The following companies gave $ to Adam Price at Homer, not thinking perhaps that hiring lots of bike messengers  without enough supervision to keep them from riding in pedestrian only lanes and then assaulting people, not to mention a total lack of drug testing at Homer, would lead to problems for the city: Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Vayner RSE, Rugged VC and Haystack Fund II
It would not be a bad idea to contact them to let them know and ask them to put responsible people in charge before another incident happens. New York DOES NOT NEED VIOLENT BIKE MESSENGERS AND CERTAINLY NOT WITH $2MILLION BEHIND THEM. The bikers from small companies are enough of  a problem, but never have they gone into the company HQ and come out with more people to aid them in their violence against NYers.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Bush-bin Laden Corporation in Houston

The Texas legislature today has allocated $125million to fund a downtown business development complex in Houston. Named for George Walker Bush,
a former govenor of Texas, it will also be named after the well known business associates, the bin Laden family, who used to frequent the Bush family ranch in
This will serve to help big business get bigger, something Texas lawmakers want but are not sure why. Another goal is to keep hemp illegal, as this uses no
pesticides and less water, and by growing cotton, not only will big business benefit, but Texas will be  dry state. Islam forbids alcohol so this will please bin Laden and other Bush business partners.
Others, of course, will consume enough to make up for those who do not.
Some have more. Some have less. Some have nothing. That is the new mantra,
and those who have nothing can even have less. That is the goal.
So Congratulations to the Bushes and the bin Ladens and let's keep Texas dry.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Murdoch's Message to Americans

Recently Rupert Murdoch has come under attack for his company's habit of hacking into phones of British and American citizens. Some complain that it was sick and in bad taste to bug the phone of a parent of a murdered and abused child, and in a related incident to actually delete messages from the phone of another murdered and abused child.
Then others are complaining that they heard clicking sounds on their phones after 9/11, and many of these included victim's kin; they later noted that their private messages were reported in Murdoch's newspapers in the UK.
Newscorp has a message to these people: STOP WHINING.
You might thank Murdoch for this, and go out and show your support by reading the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.
Many people HATE AMERICA and read these papers where they can support such moves as the promotion of DDT - to be made in China of course, where Murdoch has married a woman who used to work at Newscorp who just happens to be young enough to be his great-grand-daughter. The younger the better folks.
And please stop asking questions about 9/11 as an inside job, or you might get shipped off to secret camps in Eastern Europe as former Congressman and GOP man Joe Scarborough demanded.
Show your support for Murdoch by voting for Rick Santorium, who used to work for him. Murdoch already runs your country anyway so you might as well get on your knees and stop investigating him. Must shut up and vote for whom he tells you to vote.
And remember, show your support for guys who like very young girls and who aid and abet sex molesters and murderers - proudly read the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and watch Fox TV.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Ski Mask Society moved into Italy and got Foxy Knoxy and her inner nazi free! We have prevailed! Freedom to American rich kids with pink sex toys! Death to those who oppose or question them!
And thank satan for the press that make this possible!
We hear she is now gonna take Casey Anthony for a roommate.
They can both make lots of money from interviews! Yeah!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Elections in New York

There are elections in New York and Mark of the Mask is supporting the GOP because they are cool!
They borrow money from people and instead of paying it back, use it to buy cool condos and hang out with
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen! And date Fred Smith's daughter! And give some of the money to Bill Manger, who is a
rich kid who likes other people's money! Very cool!
And then there is Philip Giordano! He is cool since he likes young girls! Way to go GOP!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mitt Romney plans to demolish the White House

Mitt Romney has already decided that when he is elected president, he will have to demolish the White House as it is too small for him and his many kids and grandkids.
Last week he decided to demolish his $12million, 3,009 sq ft mansion in La Jolla and build a palace instead, which will be 11,602 sq ft.
He found his old homestead in Belmont, Mass too small, so he sold it for $3.5 million and also got rid of a chalet in Utah for $5.3.
He is keeping his $10 million waterfront house in New Hampshire. Live rich or die...
And oh, President is too small a title, the GOP wants Americans to call him Your Royal Highness.